Chirripó National Park

     The Chirripo National Park was created on August 19th, 1975 under the law number 5773 in order to preserve 50.150 hectares of forests in the Talamanca Mountain Range. This park's territory encompasses three

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Corcovado National Park

     Corcovado is located in the south Pacific of Costa Rica, specifically in the amazing Osa Peninsula. This amazing territory became national park on October 24th 1975. The protected area is composed of 424 kilometers

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La Amistad International Park

     La Amistad International Park is located in the southern part of the Talamanca Mountain Range, bordered to the north by the Chirripó National Park, and continues in Panama Republic. It was funded on

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Trekking Tours

Cerro Vestisqueros in Chirripo

Chirripo Mount 4 days/ 3 nights    Trekking Chirripo Mount is one of the most exciting experience […]

Amistad International Park

Cabecar Trek 4 days/ 3 nights      Cerro Cabecar is located in the south pacific […]


Trekking Costa Rica

Our Services

Costa Rica Trekking Expeditions is a tour operator specialized in trekking activities for those adventures who expect to have a pleasurable experience in our country. we offer our services for you to have a pleasant experience in this exuberant country.


For almost any trek you take, you will need a hotel the previous night of the tour and maybe the last one . We have considered this in every package so you do not to spend time doing this task.

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Local guides

Guiding is not always mandatory for trekking activities in Costa Rica. However, we will include the service whether you want or need it.

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Many visitors rent a car, but for those who need us to arrange transportation the service is avaialble. For some itineraries boat transportation would be required so let us do this for you.

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Travel arrangements

We have done all the work of looking for the destinations and the processes so you can book a complete tour without having to find all the information by yourself.

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Baggage bearer

Some treks may be very tough, even for the best hiker. We will offer baggage bearer at first when we consider it appropiate. You may not like to miss enjoying nice landscapes because of a heavy backpack.

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Customized itineraries

We are aware not everyone has the same needs and expactations. For those tours that do not fit yours, we consider your remarks and arrange it the way you want it.

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Far more than just tours, trekking journeys are experiences that makes get in touch not only with wildlife, but with our spiritual being which makes us be aware of the deep meaning that life contains. Trekking also allow us be aware of our physical strenght, our desire to face challenges and overcome them. Thus, trekking is only the physical manifestation of the power and will that each hiker has and his/her indomitable nature.

Trekking destinations

Costa Rica has a wide variety of destinations for hiking. We help you find the adventure that better fits your expectations and provide you with all the services and information you need when visiting our country.

Time is valuable

Costa Rica is highly visited, particularly during high season. Some of the best places get booked up even 6 or more months in advance. You would not like to find out that all the time you spent planning your trip goes directly to the trash. Plan your trip and book your tour in time so you can relax and have a pleasurable and well arranged journey. 

About costa rica

When planning your trip, it is advisable to know certain aspects about the country you visit. Therefore, we have have a section you may want to read in order to know generalities of the country.

Generalities of CR

“Anyone can travel to another country, but only adventurers really get to know the best corners of the places they visited; they are called explorers”.